Hotels generally pay much attention to the services of carpets and rug cleaning. But, do they wash comforters too? This article will discuss some of the facts related to this.

It is easy to strip a bed of all the sheets and wash them. To clean these regularly takes more resources and time than it takes to wash the pillowcases and sheets alone. The problematic nature of washing comforters has led to some of the motels that like to cut corners. It has claimed that they are not cleaned between customers, but there are rumors among the people who think these places are not washed at all.

There have been some reports from the housekeeping department, employees that reveal that in some establishments that comforters may get washed just four times a year. Which means that seems quite less.

Some may believe that sticky notes may be a statement that shows that other hotels do not mostly wash their bedspreads or comforters. Representatives of some hotels, such as the Marriott, have made statements saying that they also regularly wash their quilts and that people who stay there should feel assured that everything is neat and clean. They believe that they clean everything that a guest touches.

With this sort of dedication to having their reputation untarnished by the general thought that the cleaning is sub-par in the hotel or motel industry, you can count on them to ensure that the hotel experience will be worthwhile and as neat as can be.

You can always outright ask an establishment of what their tasks are. Hopefully, they could be honest enough and explain to you the truth. If you do not trust the hotel management, to tell the truth, I would recommend an err on the side of safety. Check the comforter, and if it does not appear to be well cleaned and serviced then, you may be safer just removing it from the bed and sleeping without it.

So if several hotels have come out claiming that they actively clean all of their bed sets and comforters, is there something to worry about? That depends and vary situation to situation. You basically will be given what you pay for. If you want to pay for a luxurious room in a well-established and well-known chain of hotels, you may be going to have too little to worry about this tricky situation. If you are going for bargains, you may have more issues. Cheaper-hotels that are not as established may have more sketchy practices. It is your discretion on what you are comfortable with, but people tend to say when it comes to motels or hotels, you get what you pay for. This is not saying that they do have worse practices.

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