In our life we use cell phone commonly.Today,with the help of a cell phone we can easily talk or video chat with any one across the world.

You dropped your phone and what next?

It’s screen broke or another problem.There are a lot of research and discussions how to fix a cell phone(Telefoon reparatie raamsdonksveer).The most common problem that happen to a cell phone is mostly the screen of the phone broke down. You should know how to fixing these problems.There are some main problems and their solutions.


Damaged Batteries Solution

Battery is one of the most important part of a cell phone.There are only two types of batteries using in modern cell phone Lithium Polymer and Lithium loh.

Your battery of cell phone is damage or it is not working well, it’s a time to purchase a new battery.It is one of the part easy to fix.First remove the old battery and place the new one.After changing it you should charge it before using.


The Audio No Longer Work

If your cell Phone speaker is damaged,the audio no longer work due to the water and other reason.You should check it to a repair shop.They will change the speaker and it will work.


Solution the Broken Screen

Now a day’sprotector used to protect the cell phone screen.But if your phone broke and its original screen damage, then yougo to a repair shop and bought the exact replacement screen for your phone.


Solution If Battery Not Charging

The battery of your cell phone is not charging, first thing you check the condition of battery.If the condition of battery is well then check the charger if it doesn’t work it’s time to replace your charger.Buy a new charger and charge your phone.



Solution A Water Damage Cell Phone

If you dropped your cell phone in water by fault or by mistake. Get your cell phone out of the water and prevent any damage. Now check the phone if the phone switched itself, do not try to switch it. After 2 or 3 days, switch on your phone if it not works then go to a repair shop.


Solution The Broken Casing Cell Phone

If the casing of your phone is broken, remove the back cover of your cell phone.  Using a screwdriver, remove all the screws from back now change the casing and place the back cover. Your phone looks different and new.



Solution The Cell Phone If Won’t Turn On

Plugging it in…may it be out of charge. If it does not turn on, take out the battery and put it back.


As cell phone has become a part of our life so we should use it carefully. Keep in mind all the problems and the solution of cell phone, you will save your time and you will be able to take action according to the problem. NOW You will be able to deal with your cell phone and know how to fix your cell phone problem immediately.


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